Saturday, April 13, 2013


Casual Saturday night at home watching a favourite moral crusader, George Gently.
Set in the United Kingdom, 1968, the year I spent in Papua New Guinea.
For no apparent reason I began to cry, not long after Enoch Powell.

Inspector George Gently - Series 5, Episode 02 - Gently Northern Soul

Episode Synopsis

Episode 02 - Gently Northern Soul
It is 1968 and times are changing. The racial unrest sweeping the United States has reached Britain as the National Front political party launch a tirade against immigration and 'multiculturalist' policies. However, racial harmony can be found at the 'all-nighters' where disillusioned young people, black and white, escape the boredom of factory life to dance the night away to soul music. But the haven of equality found at The Carlton Club in Newcastle is destroyed when a young black girl, Dolores Kenny (Pippa Bennett-Warner), is murdered.

Chief Inspector George Gently (Martin Shaw) soon uncovers a disturbing and malevolent racist undercurrent lurking both within the local community and his own police force.

Gently and Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) have their eyes opened to the shocking consequences of racism as tensions spiral out of control, leaving a path of destroyed friendships, love affairs and families in its wake.

Refusing to let deep-seated prejudices cloud their vision, Gently and Bacchus work tirelessly to unmask how Dolores died.

Also stars Lenora Crichlow, Philip Correia, Simon Hubbard, Craig Conway, Eamonn Walker, Gary Carr, Cliff Lee, Maggie O'Neil.

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