Friday, July 27, 2012

The first launch

no sleep.
too much happening inside.
the Albany Town Hall glowed and pulsed.
the sound and light boys - Mark Pemberton, Dave Nile and Victor O'Connor - did a magnificent job.
the music boys - Rod Vervest, Bob Lapinski, Craig Sinclair - sang from their souls.
the readers - Simon Woodward, Rachael Rastrick - read with their lives on their sleeves.
Lester Coyne was humorous and regal.
the MC - Simon Simon John Smale - was perfect.
Andrew Wenzel was deep, meaningful and cuddly.
the wine - FAT TIRE, Oranje Tractor - was surperb (so said the drinkers).
the food from Karin Marsland at 14 Peels Place was better than home cooking.
and Charlie Lehman spoke with insight and compassion.
the author? well, he did what he does.
many thanks to the city of Albany and Adam Cousins, Brian at Albany Amcal, Garth at Solomon Merchant and Paul at IGA Albany.
you can't do this stuff without help.
if you've never been to Albany,Western Australia, this is how it is, just like a multitude of small communities on the planet.
if only we could stay small and stay connected.

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